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Ecommerce Solutions


 Electronic commerce or ecommerce is, simply put, everything you will need to make and keep track of money and finance on the World Wide Web. Due to its efficiency, pragmatism and speed, it has taken off as a way of expanding business. Major companies offer ecommerce to their clients as it is like a global marketplace; it allows traders to boost sales and thus, profit. Internet advertising is a tempting addition to any for-profit organization and using ecommerce solution, you can increase your margins in the marketplace to global horizons, or else, focus on highly selective market segments. However you wish to conduct business and sales, MaxSoli can help.

A trouble free experience is the most important part of creating an efficient ecommerce design. Competition is fierce for this aspect of IT and sellers know that ecommerce has to be constructed to a superior level to keep the good name of their company and brand. As such, developers are constantly attempting to find more ways to get better ecommerce designs with the use of specialist ecommerce architecture, adjusting it to fit their clients’ demands.

Resolving ecommerce issues includes adding quality content. In addition to reliable search engine optimization to attain a satisfactory number of potential clients, their attention must also be retained long enough to consider purchasing the product or service. This is what content is for; to keep the website interesting. 95% of the people on the site won't actually purchase anything the first time they come to the page – they will use their first visit to familiarise themselves with the site and decide whether or not it is any good.  It is crucial to cover this aspect by having reliable content that is useful to the public so that they will consider returning and parting with their hard-earned cash.

Whatever your ecommerce solution, you want it to work and work well. With that in mind, you must give the customers an experience they will remember positively. This includes a website design that gives them ease of access; well categorized products, in-depth product information plus easy navigation throughout the site. It is also advisable to have a decent on-site search engine, not to mention convenience when it comes to paying online and selecting delivery options. Such a formula is a must for success in ecommerce business. Incorporate all these things to dramatically increase your quantity of returning customers.

Obtain new customers and boost sales using ecommerce on your website. MaxSoli has the ability to aid you, should you wish to add to your website an online store using an ecommerce shopping cart. If you decide to launch a new ecommerce site for your business, have us help you get to grips with online revenue using our professional experience. We understand consumer-targeted sites and we will help you create an interactive web experience, that will show your merchandise in the best light and will give customers all the incentive they need to buy. 


Shopping Experience:

  • Recommended products for customers whilst browsing – intuitive and fast
  • Allows management of customer reviews and ratings
  • Regulates log-in, order status and personal browsing / viewing history
  • Encourage new visits with ‘email a friend’ feature

Remember that any retailer can attribute success or failure to the functionality of the website and it is vital to pay close attention to the manner in which goods and services are sold and promoted, plus their availability and reliability of information. In the physical world of retail, an unsatisfied customer does not have immediate access to competitors; they are just one click away when online. At MaxSoli, we understand how to promote products and services online to make maximum impact.


Shopping Cart:

To power your electronic commerce website, at MaxSoli, we offer shopping cart software which can not only be customised to provide highly explicit applications but it can also be given a look and feel essential for your business. The software is also cost effective as it decreases the overall cost of ecommerce website. Our experience in various shopping carts offers a suitable solution for your business.


Accepting Payment Online:

In order for your business to thrive and grow your website will require an ability to acknowledge to credit card payments. MaxSoli collaborates with e-Online Data that to provides a seamless transaction payment process using leading card such as Visa, MasterCard or American Express.


Website Security:

A recent survey revealed that one third of the online shopper abandon retail websites due to fear over website security. MaxSoli identifies this issue and understands the necessity of high level of security required to protect your customers’ privacy and data.