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Network Management

Network management is an important aspect of any businesses as it strengthens the technical infrastructure thus, improving the overall performance of the organisation. Our network management offer range of services such as relocating, designing, as well as upgrading network to help maintain a good network system for your business.

Most businesses rely entirely on computer networks in order to conduct many business activities. We offer a variety networking solutions which includes:

  • We constantly keep networks up and running efficiently. We examine the faults leading to possible downtime of your network and solve these through the use of latest technology.
  • Networks are constantly upgraded, to allow the network to work properly and effectively. Faulty equipment can be replaced to sustain and expand the network.
  • Constant observation of underlying issues and putting the necessary measures in to help avoid any future inadequacies. Our consultants intend to provide the latest and most secure management services.

 Our network security considers your network infrastructure, as well as the strategies implemented by your network administrator, in order to shield the network from unauthorized access. Techniques we use provide security that is up to date. We also provide more advanced solutions for the much complex situation of computer networks. At MaxSoli, our network security services guarantees secure and protective measures are put in place to avoid any internal or external attacks against your network. If your employers try to gain access to any un-authorized programmes, their admissions will be rejected due to LAN and WAN security systems.

We can provide services that protect your computer network against several harmful invaders such as spyware, hackers, viruses and other vulnerable applications. Unsafe networks can easily be invaded by hackers, which can affect the entire network. One investment in network security can provide long term protection to your computer and reduce the risk of harmful invasion. MaxSoli offers a variety of networking services. Many times, a serious issue of network security is ignored while an individual is networking. This requires services that appropriately manage the network especially an expansion of the network takes place.